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Hub City Amateur Radio Club
November 3, 2014

November  meeting was called to order at 0100Z / 7:00 PM CST  by George C . with  11 present
Minutes of the October meeting as published -  .   Approved

 Finances--  Bank balance of $ 602.86 ; Motion to accept Rolly, 2nd Arnie, &  accepted

 Standing reports-

            ** Nets –  Curently no local nets, SD Link at 9 pm  Wednesday  146.790  

           ** License Classes and Testing. No classes set, Testing December 20, 2014

             at 9 am at Hub Area Tech School.  Possible 3 individuals

            ** Membership  ---   2014 – 13   2015 --2

            ** Technical --    GLARA --Mobridge and Bowdle have been looked at and Adjusted, Ipswich need to look at moving location in the Spring.      6-meter repeater is turned off waiting maintenance.   

 Old  Business -  ** Participated in SET on Oct 11, Rich & Rolly made contact from Brown County EOC with SD Link and  on HF..Need to check some noise on HF Frequency.

** Classes continued discussion about having classes, what curriculum to use, Instructors .

** Discussion about WEB site need to visit with Randy  I.

New Business.  **Set Test dates & location for 2015 – Do at December meeting

** SRD – Dec 5-6th at Weather Service, no interest at present, revisit at   December  meeting.


Information --   YUMA ham Fest will be February 20-21, 2015, check out for more info.


Rolly mention he had an ICOM 390A that an individual wanted to sell

Meeting  Adjourned –


.Next Meeting   December 1, 2014 @  0100Z   =  7 PM CST

                        Hub City Area Technical School

Submitted by  Rich Kezar –KCØUXZ