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Morse Code is the Universal Language

Clark J. Evans, Sr., WA4DLL and Lee Paulet, KB4FBX were operating the Amateur Radio display station at the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida. A tour guide came to the station with two Japanese boys. When the woman introduced the boys to the operators, she said, "You won't be able to talk to these boys. They don't speak English at all." She also mentioned that one of the boys was a ham radio operator in Japan. That was the door opener.

Lee whistled CQ CQ CQ. That got the boy's attention, and the youngster was soon whistling back. Lee told the guide what the boy was saying. He was 13 years old from a town 40 miles north of Tokyo. He had been in the USA for two week.

The tour guide said, "You can't be communicating with him!" Lee's answer was, "Oh yes, we hams can. Morse code is a universal language!"