Area Nets

There are numerous nets that can be heard and participated in from the Aberdeen area, especially on HF.

To avoid information overload or becoming simply another net database, this page lists those nets of greatest interest to club members.

All day/time information is Local Central Time unless otherwise noted.

Area VHF/UHF Nets

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM - Morning Coffee Net - 147.030 repeater in Bath

Monday through Friday 1:00 PM - Lunch Bunch - 147.030 repeater in Bath

Sunday 7:00 PM - Dakota IRLP Net - IRLP Reflector 9732
                 Can usually be heard locally on the 147.030 repeater in Bath

Wednesday 9:00 PM - SD Link Net - 146.79 repeater at Crandall Hill
                 More information and additional repeaters can be found at the SD Link Website

Area HF Nets

Monday 7:00 PM - Aberdeen Area 10 Meter Net - 28.405 MHz USB

Daily 6:00 PM - South Dakota NEO Net - 3860 KHz LSB